ISC High Performance 2017




Online registration open March 1, 2017

Program overview, with hot issues include

  • Big Data analytics with SKA & LHC
  • Deep Learning with HPC
  • How HPC Influences Industry 4.0
  • and more

During the era of vector processing, while some computer scientists continued to wrestle with multiprocessor architecture that Seymour Cray had abandoned, Prof. Hans Meuer had the notion to bring these two camps together. As a university professor and keen industry observer, Prof. Meuer reached out to vendors to discuss the future of supercomputing architectures as part of a regional conference. The first event kicked off with 81 attendees.

Today ISC High Performance is a global conference and exhibition for high-performance computing, networking and storage. It offers a full five-day technical program and attracts around 3,000 attendees.