Getting Started

To register for an account, directly go to These processes below describe registration processes, for further information please contact



Register for an account via online registration. We will review your information and activate your account within one working day.


Fill an online application form and submit. Once completed, you should receive notification of our decision within a week and further query regarding required software and setup if any.


Once your account and required setup are ready, we will send you email regards account details and how to login to Chalawan cluster.


Learn how to submit a job as well as uploading (downloading) your file to (from) Chalawan cluster from Tutorials and Examples. Now you can launch your first job.


You can monitor Chalawan cluster status and utilizations in the user-login area where you can also monitor the status of your submitted jobs.


You can now start your project. For more information on how to submit jobs and other usage, let’s see Tutorials & Example.



For further information and support, please send e-mail to